The goal of is to either invalidate or confirm existing prejudices about The Dutch, now also known as Netherlanders. Do we live in wind mills? Do we walk on wooden shoes? Is the whole country covered with fields of tulips and do we smoke a lot of weed? This may all be true or it may not. You can see for yourself by following the Twitter-account @Netherlanders on your smartphone or desktop/laptop or check out the website


Each week, starting on Monday morning and ending on Sunday night, a different Netherlander (living in The Netherlands) will be in control of the @Netherlanders account. This means he or she will be posting tweets as if it would be their own account. He or she can also reply to other ‘Tweeps’ if they’d want to answer questions. Tweets will be about their daily life, giving a peak into the world of a random Netherlander. When his or her week is over, the account will be passed on to the next Netherlander.


The term ‘Netherlanders’ is of course grammatically incorrect. However, when translated litterally from Dutch (‘Nederlanders’) this is how it would turn out. ‘Dutchies’ or ‘Hollanders’ would also apply, taking into account the different types of nomenclature that are being used when referring to our country.


The concept of was inspired by the @Sweden project, so all credits of originality go to them. The implementation of is however completely non-related to Curators of Sweden or its creators. is created by individuals and is in no way affiliated with any kind of government or other organisation; nationally or internationally. No special coorperation with Twitter was sought. is using the standard available Twitter API’s.

The tweets of each Netherlander are views of their own. The creators of and the @Netherlanders Twitter account are in no way responsible for the content of the tweets and website or any consequential or related actions by people. The creators of do not intent to apply censorship in any kind of way by moderating or removing tweets. If inappropriate content has been placed, the Netherlander in charge that week is completely responsible and should be addressed directly. has no information about the Netherlanders in charge, other than their name, email address and Twitter account. The Twitter account of the Netherlander in charge will be published. The names and email addresses will not in any case be provided to third parties.

The creators of hold the right to apply changes to tweets and thus the content of the website without disclosing their reasons.

When using this website or reading tweets from the @Netherlanders account you agree to all of the above.

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