This page is created to inform you about project updates. News about @Netherlanders is not posted through the Twitter account itself, as that is the stage of the Netherlander in charge that week and we don’t want to interfere with that.

august 7TH, 2013 (22:26)

As you might have noticed the main page does not show any tweets at the moment and neither do the individual archive pages. We are working on a fix. Beer with us.

February 10th, 2013 (23:53)

As per week 6 2013, contributors of the @Netherlanders account are allowed to follow other Twitter accounts (back). This way they can have more interactions with other people all over the world. Until today only the former contributors were followed in order to have an overview of who had been tweeting for @Netherlanders. When contributors start following people other than these former Netherlanders, this overview will be disturbed. In order to maintain this overview, a Twitter list has been created so one can still easily check out the Former Netherlanders.

november 18th, 2012 (23:56)

There seems to be something wrong with showing the archive content. We are using Storify for this page. An email has been sent to Storify for support.

September 13th, 2012 (22:41)

Toying with the idea to hand out the password of the @Netherlanders account to each new contributor. At the moment we’re using GroupTweet to post tweets through Direct Messages. Many contributors complain though about the unnatural way of having to send tweets and I agree with them. Furthermore, by using GroupTweet the conversation thread is no longer present. So when reading a reply by @Netherlanders you have no idea what he/she is replying to.
It is my assumption that other Curator accounts also provide the password bases on trust. We Netherlanders are known for our trustworthiness, so it’s time to put the ‘deed to the word’ as we always say.. Next week @MarcoBeenen can show us whether this is true or not.

september 9th, 2012 (21:59)

Another substitution: @Mathys will be replaced by @Hugovandijke coming week (week 37). Thanks Hugo!

September 2nd, 2012 (23:24)

We’ve found @marasok to take over this week. Thanks Sara for your quick reaction.

SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2012 (22:00)

You were all looking forward welcoming @lau_dri to the stage this week. However, as she has some sudden personal problems that she needs to address, we’re looking for someone to fill in for her at the moment. Of course Laura stills gets her week at We will try and find a suitable week for her soon.